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We make videos that spark
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We are a Singapore-based Corporate Video Production Agency driven by a strong conviction about the power and potential of using videos in marketing. That is why we believe in making beautiful, engaging, video masterpieces.

But more than just that, they are created with the determined purpose of achieving your marketing goals. We craft the videos such that they work for you; extending your reach, establishing your credibility and be a lean mean lead generation & conversion machine. We insist on making sure you get your return on this very valuable investment.

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    “My traffic, leads & sales are slow; business have been rather stagnant. Finding a solution on the internet is like drinking from a fire hose; information overload! Right now, I want to quickly cut out the time wasters and focus my attention on that one key marketing strategy that is guaranteed to jumpstart my business without breaking my bank account.”


    “My bosses are constantly demanding more: more leads, more content, more engagement with LESS money. I need a proven marketing strategy that is guaranteed to bring me a high ROI that is measurable and scalable. Fast. I need to show actionable data.”


    “I have a great proven framework & system, I am a great speaker, and I can help people. But I realized that passion & enthusiasm, contrary to popular beliefs, is not enough to turn a profit. I need a way to get me more reach, and craft an offer my prospects cannot resist.”


    “It’s one thing to have a great product or idea, but it’s truly an entirely different (and much more difficult) thing to communicate that story and vision to potential investors and customers. I guess you could call it the curse of knowledge – we know too much, and thus say too much, and we end up confusing rather than convincing!”


Cartoon Explainer


This video style uses cartoon character animation to explain a product or service. Typically, the story is led by an main character, who faces a big problem that he can’t solve, and that’s when your product or service appears… to save the day! They are highly entertaining, catching the attention of viewers.

Recommended For:

Great choice when targeting end-users, small businesses or start-ups. If you are looking to establishing brand trust and authority, cartoon animation explainer videos will do the job.

Cartoon Explainer with Motion Graphics


This style combines the best of the worlds of Cartoon Explainer & Motion Graphics. The main animated character leads & captivates his audience through his story, and the use of motion graphics animation is peppered in to explain complex concepts or messages.

Recommended For: 

It’s perfect for explaining new apps, online businesses, e-commerce and many other businesses. It’s recommend for B2C communication (Business to Consumer), but it can work very well with small businesses and start-ups too.

Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics are perfect for explaining abstract or complex concepts in a simple way. They are, very simply, graphic elements in movement; using metaphors and syntax along with an orchestra of colors to convey complex messages that would have been impossible to otherwise convey.

Recommended For: 

Pure Motion Graphics are a great fit for businesses with a more serious profile. Think of them like infographics in action! We recommend this kind of video for B2B communications for businesses in the Financial or Technology sector, for example.



This style brings us back to the good ol’ days of being taught with whiteboards. Whiteboard Explainers usually take on an educational approach where the storied content is unraveled and explained right before the viewer’s eyes.

Recommended For: 

Perfect if your product is complex, and requires you to educate your audience on its value before they can convert to your raving customers.  Ideal if you’re marketing IT solutions or computer software.

Kinetic Typography


Kinetic Typography, as the name suggests, brings your words to live! Loud colors, bold fonts, high speed transitions, engaging music all come together in a dazzling presentation to engage your audiences and entice your prospects with your offer.

Recommended For:

To create suspense, excitement and a hint of curiousity of what is to come and happen. For B2C communiction of short messages that need to evoke excitement and a sense of curiosity in its audiences. Great for launches, new offers, sneak peeks.



Screen cast videos are a simple screen capture or video film of a computer screen, iPad or iPhone that demonstrates how to use a software, program, and website. The purpose of this is to educate and show, step-by-step how your product or service works. Best of all, your customers can see how exactly they can benefit from your offering.

Recommended For:

This is hands downs the best style for software, program and website demonstrations. As they take users through the actual product usage, it allows your customers to see just how value-adding and easy-to-use your product really is!


Don’t worry, we’re friendly people, we won’t bite. Do reach out to us to get your questions answered!

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