Our Processes

1. Understanding You

We meet with you. Learn about what it is you do/sell. Understand your goals.  Formulate a gameplan. Once we agree on the Project Brief & Concept, we’ll get started with our magic!

2) Scripting & Conceptualizing

Our copywriters get to work. Our goal with the script is to turn your marketing message into a persuasive video script that would charm your audience!

3. Voice Over & Music

Once the script is approved, our professional voiceover talents will work on turning your script into your company’s perfect pitch!

4. Storyboarding

Our talented creative team will then move on to drawing out the storyboard. Once you agree on the storyboard, we will bring the black-white sketch into life with colors and details through an illustrated digital storyboard. We will continue finalizing and fine-tuning the drawings til you’re happy with the result.


Finally, this is where the rubber meets the road. The drawings, video elements and audio all come together as one and become your Perfect Pitch. We work super-carefully to perfect everything, so that the end result is nothing short of amazing!


The end result is a professional, animated and engaging video in HD quality that is sure to spark off an ‘AHA!’ from your prospects, and turn your browsers into buyers!

Now that your video is completed, what’s next?

After investing in such an amazing marketing tool, not broadcasting it to all your prospects out there could make all your efforts worthless. Let Claritee help you with that! We’ll serve your video straight to your prospects and customers; you just sit back and watch them convert into your raving fans!

Here’s how we do that.

Facebook Advertising

A. We design your FB ads, draft an attention-grabbing copy, create a converting landing page for you, and prep your campaign for take-off!

B. When ready, we’ll kick-off the one month long campaign on Facebook, serving the super-video to your prospects.

C. We monitor ad performance; constantly optimizing the ad copywriting and images to increase the ROI you get.

D. We provide updates of your ad performance fortnightly.

YouTube Advertising

A. We upload your super-video to your YouTube channel, package it with optimized copywriting , ensure that your Call to Action is powered up with the converting landing page that we would have already created for you.

B. Next, we calibrate the settings, zone in on the target, and BISH! We shoot your videos through YouTube’s TrueView in-stream & in-display channels, straight into the loving arms of your prospects.

C. Throughout the month long campaign, we continually monitor ad performance; constantly optimizing your ads to increase the ROI you get.

D. We provide updates of your ad performance fortnightly.


Don’t worry, we’re friendly people, we won’t bite. Do reach out to us to get your questions answered!

14 Robinson Road, #08-01A
Far East Finance Building
Singapore 048545

E: hello@claritee.co
P: +65 9628 5718